#DxbTweepSpeak 1: @movie_mafia

Twitter handle:@movie_mafia What does your bio say?"My ideas and ideals are not ideas and ideals I'm supposed to hold as a girl from a certain part of the world. This might offend you. Oh, snap!" Why is your Twitter handle @movie_mafia?Well, originally it was 'movie mania'. It was actually @eddydubai who recommended I go with … Continue reading #DxbTweepSpeak 1: @movie_mafia


It’s my second Twirthday! And @HishamWyne is my godfather.

I got a tweet at midnight from @TwBirthday saying:"@DevinaDivecha Happy 2nd TwBirthday! You've been around since 24 July 2009! http://twbirthday.com/DevinaDivecha/". I clicked on the link and couldn't stop laughing because it said Hisham (@HishamWyne) is my godfather. I chuckled as I remembered him being the first person I followed on Twitter. Memories flooded as I … Continue reading It’s my second Twirthday! And @HishamWyne is my godfather.