How your junk can help the community


When I moved back to Dubai from the UK, I was presented with a practical problem. I was bringing back everything from my flat in London to Dubai and I needed to make space for it all. So began the weekend-long cleanup of my room. I found so many things I hadn’t used in years or didn’t need anymore and most were in almost-brand-new condition.

I certainly didn’t want to throw them away; surely they could be of use to SOMEONE?

That’s when I saw the flyer for Take My Junk UAE. What they do is of incredible service to the community. If you have items such as appliances, furniture, clothing that you don’t need anymore, they offer a better alternative than throwing it all away. They give away all these items to people with low income who may not be able to afford certain things that they need.

I called them yesterday and this morning they arrived with a truck to take everything away. We had about 4-5 black bags full of clothes, 1 bag full of shoes, a TV, DVD player, VCR, TV stand, educational CDs, toys…even a foot-massage-spa thing!

It’s always a great idea to use services like this that help other people out instead of throwing your stuff away, especially if it’s all in good condition.

So if you have stuff at home which you don’t need but could be needed elsewhere, give them a call. It’s a win-win all around.

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