That Peloton life

One of the many odd moments I've experienced in 2020 includes finding myself crying while pedalling furiously on a stationary bike. You don't necessarily want to be crying while exercising, but the Peloton - what I can only describe as a brilliant marriage of technology and fitness - has wormed its way into my heart. … Continue reading That Peloton life

I’m glad you left.

It's unexpected. You had a wall up because you were trying not to let anyone hurt you again. But the persistent questions began, hidden as kindness. The queries were really there to get all the information they could to eventually use against you. Don't give in. You baulk at first. Are these questions too personal? … Continue reading I’m glad you left.

Visiting the Wagah Border from Amritsar, India

I was in Amritsar in January 2018 with my cousin, and while researching the many activities that we wanted to undertake, visiting the Wagah Border and witnessing the flag ceremony between India and Pakistan was something she definitely wanted to do, and I thought, 'Well why not?'. While hunting around for the best way to … Continue reading Visiting the Wagah Border from Amritsar, India