People who shouldn’t get on the Dubai Metro

I like the Metro. If it was closer to where I live, I’d use it frequently. As it stands, I hardly do. When I was in the UK though, public transport was all I used. And let me tell you one thing, getting onto the Northern line at 6pm on a weekday equals to being packed tighter than Luke, Leia, Hans Solo and Chewbacca would’ve been in the trash contraption in A New Hope.

The point is, I’m no stranger to using a mode of public transportation. Some people however probably are and therefore have no idea precisely how to behave.

Yesterday I used the Metro from Mall of the Emirates to Khalid Al Waleed station. When I got on at the MOE station, it was pretty crowded inside the female/child compartment, but wasn’t too bad. I held on to a bar for balance, but suddenly found myself being kicked. In the confusion to adjust myself, I somehow got kicked again! I looked down and saw that I was quite close to the woman who was seated on the 1-person seat near the doors, and figured it was probably my mistake and I’d gotten in her foot’s way, because hey…what well-mannered person kicks someone else, especially someone they don’t know, on a public transport vehicle?

I’ll give you one guess: THAT WOMAN.

At the next few stops, the number of women in our compartment ballooned. We were quite jam-packed. One woman wryly commented, “Don’t worry, we won’t fall even if we’re not holding anything. There’s no space for that.” Aahhhh memories of the Northen line swept over me.

Anyway, I noticed that this woman had a piece of paper in her hand and when anyone got too close, she used that paper to push them away. She pushed away handbags, butts (really), elbows with her hands covered with that piece of paper (clearly everyone on the train was contaminated and dirty by her standards)…and now I realize she probably knew exactly what she was doing when she kicked me. None of us were interested in raising hell (We were ALL tired…it was the end of the working day and I think everyone just wanted to go home) so we just moved away and shook our heads and rolled our eyes at her. One woman said to me, “If she has a phobia of crowds, why is she on the train?”

Anyway, when some more people jumped into the compartment, there was no place and someone inevitably stood in front of her. Mind you, it wasn’t as if someone was stuffing their backside into her face. But she used that blasted bit of paper and PUSHED. And then she started talking to everyone near her very loudly in a language I could not understand and literally spewed venom with her eyes. I did catch a bit of English when she went, “…coming so close…”

I got off at Khalid Bin Waleed, wishing I was in a better state to tell her off.

Here’s the thing, if you don’t like crowds, don’t take the Metro. Or just travel in the first class cabin (I’m assuming it’s less crowded).

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