Save The Humans

Love this post by my friend Shaahima. It’s simple, but gets across the message instantly.

The Kaftan Writer

Save The Humans

The stateless Palestinian. The Rohingyan asylum-seeker. The Syrian refugee. The defenceless in war zones. The unwanted girl child. The Dalit. The raped. The gang-raped. The child being molested and too afraid to speak. The starving. The ill-treated labourer. The discarded orphan. The jailed without justice. The physically abused. The emotionally beaten. The homeless. The victim of hate. The children killed at school. The children killed for going to school. The soldiers dying in a war they don’t want. The voices silenced. The journalists white vanned. The cheated sports fan. The innocents killed at the hands of an authorised weapon. The political scapegoat. The unpaid worker. The jobless. The addict. The woman unmarried for lack of dowry. The misunderstood disabled. The philanderer’s spouse. The trafficked. The citizen of an oppressive regime. The mothers of children who never returned home. The misrepresented. The uncounted.


But before all else. Save the apathetic.

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