Going Pink

I first realized the word ‘cancer’ existed when I was 8. My paternal grandfather passed away because of it. Eventually I realized there was more than one kind of cancer. And sadly, I know the threat of breast cancer all too well. It has affected many women in my family…and that scares me no end. There are survivors yes, for which I am ever grateful…but there have also been losses.

It’s important for women all over the world to get themselves a mammography as frequently as possible, especially if they’re over 40-years-old and even more so if it runs in the family.

Anyway, there are a few things I’m going to point my readers to if you’re interested in contributing to breast cancer awareness in the UAE.

One is an initiative by Worood, where anyone can go to its Facebook page, click on the Pink Rose tab and share your messages with breast cancer patients in the UAE. Each of your messages will be attached to a pink rose, which will be sent to women across the UAE. An interesting initiative to bring a smile to people’s faces.

Another initiative I whole-heartedly support is one by my fellow food bloggers (read up on the consortium of UAE food bloggers).

Rajani (@RajaniMani) and Lin (@boozychef) will be supporting Safe and Sound AE by donating 10% of the sales generated from Pickle-in-d-Middle and Lin’s doggie treats to it So if you want to buy awesome pickles, or if you want to pamper your dog, you know where to go. Plus you’re donating to a worthy cause as well; definite win-win. Contact them for more info, or head over to the Ripe market, between 9.30am – 1pm at the Dubai Garden Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Paint the town pink y’all.

Edit: It is ironic that I’d left this post to be published today. I woke up to the news of Steve Jobs’ passing away and … was shocked. While it was not breast cancer (a form of pancreatic cancer), it’s still part of the same whole. The disease that is cancer. RIP.


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