A Sports Carnival with #manzilbooks

This post is to inform everyone the books we've been collecting for Manzil are finally going to be put on sale. It's also going to be combined with the school's Sports Carnival, which will take place on Saturday, February 11, 2012 at the Khalifa University, Sharjah. Normally, these events are a bit low key, with … Continue reading A Sports Carnival with #manzilbooks

Participate in a special Sports Carnival + the #manzilbooks update

That's just a small fraction of the books that was loaded into the bus that came to pick it all up a few days ago. I want to thank everyone who donated their books to raise money for Manzil. I had nearly 2,000 in my house, and my father for one, is extremely happy that … Continue reading Participate in a special Sports Carnival + the #manzilbooks update