At #manzilbooks at @wildpeeta

First, have a look at the lovely timelapse video that Shruti (aka @shru_) created. Then we’ll get on to the other stuff!

Along with @TwitBookClub, I hosted a event at Wild Peeta OS at DWTC (thanks @wildpeeta!), asking people to donate their unwanted books. Manzil, a centre for challenged individuals, is a small institution doing a lot of work for people with special needs and they’re hoping to host a fundraiser soon where they will sell all the books they have collected.

We’re still collecting books for them, so please get in touch with myself (@DevinaDivecha) or Anastasia (@TDAllonsy) or email me at autism at devinadivecha dot com and we can arrange to pick up the books from you. They were initially hoping to host the event in June, but frankly, it’s mostly been our efforts through Twitter that have seen results, so they don’t have very many books yet to justify hosting an all-day fundraising event, so the date has been pushed back. So I urge you to please help with this…spread the word…that’s all I ask.

A BIG thank you to everyone who showed up (we collected 102 books that day!), and I hope you can pass this info along so the school benefits from whatever contribution people have to make.

To round it off, here’s a look at some pics from the event, where we’re mostly just having a laugh:


2 thoughts on “At #manzilbooks at @wildpeeta

  1. Really admire all the efforts you’re putting into this Dee. Wishing you luck in collecting more books and making the fund raising event a success.[ps. that video is too cool!]

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