Champion of Broken Hearts launch


Even though I knew who she was…I’d never heard Gayathri Krishnan sing before. I was invited to her music video launch at the Traffic gallery on November 10, 2011, and off I went.

The musical ability in my family skipped my generation. My maternal grandfather used to sing on All India Radio and we even have tapes of his songs, many of which he wrote and composed himself; his wife, that is, my grandmother has sung with him on one of his songs…and no day in my house goes by without my mother singing in her sweet voice.

And because all I can do is croak like a frog rather than sing like a nightingale, I appreciate, more than anyone realizes, the ability of someone with musical talent.


Memorabilia from the night

I saw the video teaser of Gayathri’s song, Champion of Broken Hearts, but didn’t fully realize the power of her voice in those few seconds.

When she started singing at the launch, I was impressed. She turns into this husky, bewitching woman who can sing her way through to your heart. And then…she made me cry. One of her songs reminded me something, something that broke my heart and tears welled up, unbidden.


Right after that song ended, I bought her CD. When a singer makes you laugh, or cry…there’s no other choice is there?

Part of the proceeds of her CD sales from that day have been pledged to Manzil – a centre for challenged individuals.


I also believe her CD will be available at Virgin Megastore for those who want to purchase it. If you appreciate good music and a talented voice, you will be interested.

To learn more about her music, you can click on the following links:

Official website
Facebook page

A selection of photographs from the night:


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