Meet Vader. She’d like a home.


As I mentioned in my last blog post, there’s a cat coming around near my house and I want to find it a home.

I thought she was a stray, and two weeks ago, with the help of Bin Kitty Collective (thanks for the suggestion Karla!) I managed to get her to a vet so she could be neutered and saved from any pregnancies. Massive shout-out here to Feyaza who loaned me her cat carrier for that purpose.

But a few hours after I dropped her off to the vet, I got a call which went something like this:

“Hello, this is regarding the stray cat you dropped off this morning? Well, we prepped her for the neutering, and as part of the procedure we clipped her ear. But when the doctor opened her up, we found there was no uterus – she’d already been spayed. And when the doctor looked further, we found a microchip.”

When I met the doctor that evening, he said that while the microchip details have been passed around clinics, it’s highly likely she’s an abandoned cat. She’s six years old. And if you haven’t read my first post, I’ll tell you again: she was starving when we found her, she was like a bag of bones.

Needless to say, I was seething. Boiling mad. Hopping angry. Her owners abandoned her and left. She had to go through a pointless surgery…and she’s alone.


Again, if you haven’t read the original post (please do), she is currently living in my garage and front garden. I feed her and put water out every day. I’ve even bought her a cat litter so she stops pooping in my garden (which was making my parents very, very angry).

I’ve named her Vader – she’s got a black coat, but a white underbelly. THE FORCE IS STILL WITH HER!

She’s a really calm cat. She loves the garden, but I think she’d like a family where people will love her and not leave her … she’s pretty low maintenance as far as I can tell, she likes to rub against your feet when she hasn’t seen you for a bit. Even the vet said she’s one the calmer cats he’s had to deal with.

She’s six, and yes, she now, unfortunately, has a clipped ear. But she’s clearly already trained in things like using litters, using her food and water bowl and will return to the family that feeds her and loves her.

Anyone who’s interested in adopting her, please, please, get in touch. You can contact me through this blog, Twitter, or Facebook.



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