Black cat roaming

Perhaps two months ago, a cat started coming around my house. This is not unusual – there have been many cats who roam around my house, some venturing into the garden to relax on the big swing we have, and once one cat decided to birth her litter there. She was getting food at her real owner’s house, so no idea why our garden was deemed fit to have her babies.

But this one was different – this black cat kept mewling when she saw any one of us leave the house, and looking rather sad. She also looked really hungry. I felt really, really bad for her. Especially as she seemed to belong to no one, and was clearly hungry.

I kept ranting about how mean we were not to feed the cat – and my Mom caved. We got cat food.

Now she’s started pooping in our garden and my parents are beyond unhappy. I said I’d clean it up, but they’re still not convinced.

Anyone want a black cat? She’s fairly calm … I don’t know how old she is, but she definitely is not starving like she was when I found her. You can contact me via Twitter @DevinaDivecha or email me at contact[at]devinadivecha[dot]com if you’d like to give her a home.

Black cat


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