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Review – Sucker Punch

Devina Divecha is disappointed by a hollow Sucker Punch.

Review – Sucker Punch


You watch the first few minutes of Sucker Punch and think Wow – that is superb! I hope the rest of the movie is like this. But it isn’t.

Sucker Punch starts beautifully, with a chilling rendition of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) and no dialogue whatsoever. How can this movie go wrong? We find out as we’re plunged into the pits of madness. Make no mistake, the visual appeal of Sucker Punch is high. But it’s the content that has the problem.

Baby Doll (Emily Browning) is thrown into a mental institution by her evil step-father and she has three days to escape before being lobotomized. She finds a fantasy world the best way to cope with her extreme surroundings (the only explanation from the scenes moving from a medical ward to a brothel) and finds friends. Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish) and her sister Rocket (Jena Malone), Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens) and Amber (Jamie Chung) join her in her plan to get out of there.

Carla Gugino joins the maladjusted crowd as a (German? Italian? With that accent it’s hard to tell) doctor/madam, rounded off by Oscar Isaac as the creepy Blue Jones and Scott Glenn as the girls’ guide in their fantastical adventures.

The acting is decent, and the entire cast do well with the parts given to them. Though I think the audience would have liked a bit of explanation before moving from one world to another.

In Baby Doll’s fantasy world, they’re actually trapped in a brothel and made to dance for Blue’s customers. Baby Doll turns out to be a mesmerising dancer; her conspirators are able to carry out dangerous tasks while she distracts the rest. However, the audience never actually sees her dance.

Whether they manage to leave the hellhole they’re in…You have to get to the end of the movie to find out. But the number of brainless scenes in the middle of all that make the audience not really care.

Zack Snyder follows the look and feel of his past movies, 300 and Watchmen. He’s a visual artist, no doubt, but is let down by the script, which is very bland. Men will love the babes-in-corsets action scenes, and I think there is real potential here for this movie to transcend into becoming a video game (no condescension, honestly).

The music is also one of the highlights of the movie, especially if you’re into alternative, rock and hard rock. The pulsating sounds make you forget the actual content, as you focus more on the music and what you’re looking at.

The movie looks good, but is one of those creations that is better seen and not heard. As pointed out, the start of the movie with no dialogue was the best. The score this movie gets is purely on the fantastic scenes and direction we’re treated to.


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