Devina Divecha, Postgraduate.

Apologies for such a bare blog for the last month. It was the push-to-shove time for me by way of the dissertation project, which I will be linking on the blog soon.

Creating a 112-page magazine is no mean feat, and I would like to thank my team-member, Anna (or @lilmsreporter as she is known on Twitter) for all the work she’s done, including sitting at a rickety internet café whilst on an island resort in the Phillipines to finish the project.

Twitterati who rose to the occasion when we had to commission pieces include: @chiragnd (Chirag Desai), who wrote our gadgets section and a sidebar for the cookery section; @TDAllonsy (Anastasia), an editor’s dream as I hardly had to edit her work, who pitched in for the book review at the last minute; @Rawat_Central (Dee Rawat) who wrote movie reviews on Eclipse and Toy Story 3.

The magazine created for the dissertation project is called In Transit, and is aimed at people between 18-35 years of age who love to travel. They can be students looking at a gap year, or people thinking of relocating abroad. The magazine focused on culture, lifestyle as well as travelling abroad. We had wonderful features in the magazine, which I will share with you once I link to the pdf online.

Sleepless nights, packets of chocolate Digestive biscuits and yummy Haribos later, In Transit was born and with the submission of my portfolio a few days later, my Masters is now complete.

Here’s to a wonderful year at the University of Sheffield, and much love and thanks to the wonderful tutors I had over the entire year: Yvonne Illsley, Peter Genower, Jonathan Foster, Mark Hanna, David Holmes, Kaye Carl and Herman Wasserman. I’ve learned a lot from them and I’m going to miss them a lot.

Retrospective posts on the course soon – especially around graduation time in January 2011 – as well as uploading the magazine and my portfolio on the blog.

– MA Magazine Journalism postgraduate, 2009-2010


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