Moments of laughter with Karan

Guest post by Adita Divecha, Karan’s mother

Looking after a child with special needs – especially one who is diagnosed as ‘low functioning’ on the autism spectrum – is quite a challenge. There are so many things that come up on a day-to-day basis that leave you confused, angry and helpless. At times the whole day goes by, and you feel you have not achieved anything positive.

But life with Karan is not all problems and difficulties. He provides us an opportunity to laugh too. There was this one particular time when he saw Devina sitting next to me and chatting. He came running and jumped between us and put his hand on my mouth to stop me from talking to her. He then pushed Devina away and hugged me … and both Devina and I started laughing. Then there was the time when he used to wait for Devina to come home from college. When she was back, he would follow her around the house and then go up to her room where she used to put on the songs he likes. He would sit there sighing with content. He used to be Devina’s tail when she was here and still is when she comes on holiday. He misses her a lot I think, because whenever she comes back, he ignores her for a few days to show her that he is upset with her for not being there and then warms up to her again.


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