You know you’re a journalist when . . .

From the website Stuff Journalists Like.

I do correct bathroom stall grammar. I do, I do.



From Facebook:

You really DO get a second source to confirm it when mom says she loves you. 


You carry around a digital voice recorder all the time, just in case. 


The only way you make it through your day is knowing there’s a glass of gin with an olive in it waiting for you at home. 


When you exchange a social life for a front-page byline. 


When you start correcting bathroom stall grammar. 


Your friends hate sending you e-mail because they know you copy edit the shit out of it. 


You look at your paycheck!


From Twitter: 

HeatherHalsey you preface non-work related conversations with, “sorry, I ask a lot of questions.”

MeganQuinn2 you have drunken conversations about gerunds

whitneymae You know you’re a journalist when you feel uncomfortable eating meals that aren’t at your desk or free from an event.


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