What I’m reading #1

Note: I read so many books and right now, with my Goodreads challenge to myself being 100 books in one year, I’ve definitely gone through a lot this year. Many lines leap out at me or interest me. I’m going to start sharing those on my blog.

Book: Under The Hawthorn Tree
Author: Ai Mi

Excerpt #1:
“The world exists objectively. but every person’s experience of the world is different, and if you use a poet’s eyes to look at the world, you see a different world.”

Excerpt #2

“If life is lived in a single file, please walk in front so I can watch you all the time;
if life’s road is walked in two lanes, side by side,
let me take you by the hand, so when we walk through life’s sea of people,
forever you will be mine.”  


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