Book Review: Passion by Lauren Kate

My review of Book 1: Fallen
My review of Book 2: Torment 

Spoilers and all that but read on anyway.

If there were any hopes the third instalment would give us something, or even something to praise, then they have been cruelly dashed with the nonsense I read through.

The book takes off from the end of the last one, after the mini-battle, where Loopy Luce decides to take off on a time-travelling jaunt on her own. Why, you ask? Because she can and she’s an obstinate little chick who is the sort to throw tantrums. Anyway, off she goes, despite everyone saying: “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” because if there’s one thing I learned reading these books is that only reverse psychology works on this girl.

I think, in her mind, conversations are like this:
Everyone: Don’t do it Luce!
Luce: That…means…DO IT!
Everyone: No, it’s bad for you!
Luce: THAT MEANS GOOD! *claps* 

She then waltzes through time through each of her past lives watching herself die everytime. Then if that was not enough, she goes into what the author hilariously calls “3-D” (HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA) and merges with each of her past lives. And dies.

THAT’S IT! That’s the plot! The story is essentially one chapter multiplied into numerous chapters. Each chapter is her finding a past life, dying, then moving on to another time period. Alternate narratives are Broody Daniel also moving back in time, running behind Luce but never quite catching up because he’s just too slow or stupidly lands where she’s already been and moved on. And when she meets her past Daniel, it’s ALWAYS: they meet, they fall in love, they kiss, she dies. REPEAT! She doesn’t care one bit about taking control of other Luce’s bodies and selfishlytaking over their last moments.

There’s also an annoying gargoyle called Bill, and never mind how people she knew in past books betrayed her. Gargoyle Bill says: “Hop into this dark shadow and travel across time, and while you’re at it, kill yourself with this dangerous weapon,” and Luce jumps to please. What. An. Idiot.

We have no idea exactly why she wants to time travel except when she blabbers something about wanting to understand her relationship with Daniel and wanting to know if he really loves her, or some such psycho-babble. But hey, by the end of the book, we still don’t know why they love each other, what on earth the curse is all about and why they get so goopy around each other? Characters keep saying, OMG YOU’RE SOUL MATES. Yeah…but why???

Luce is still whiny, as I said, defying everything everyone says because she thinks she’s all that. Daniel is still tortured, and decides that he is so totally going to tell God (yeah, really) that he wants Luce to die again and again and again BECAUSE HE LOVES HER! LOVE WILL TRIUMPH and blah blah blah. Apart from the fact, as I mentioned: there is no foundation to their “love”. Nothing!!! It’s just lust, based on descriptions of how she feels his abs and wants to kiss him and gets giddy when she sees him. 

I loved (when I say loved, I mean I howled in a combination of laughter and misery) where Luce claims she loves Daniel because: “she just does”. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. It’s a never-end loop of I love him because I love him because he loves me because I love him…………. *brain freeze*

There’s a very pathetic reveal of the evil character, and everything that happens in this book is “destiny”. Can’t understand what the hell Daniel is telling God? IT’S DESTINY! Don’t know why Luce runs back in time? IT’S DESTINY! Don’t understand why you’ve wasted money on this book? YUP…IT’S DESTINY!!! Why is there no character development? Oh this is a hard one…let me think…could it be…destiny?

I think me reading these books and reviewing them, so you don’t have to, is a pretty big public service.

Rejoice, for I have saved you all.

Apologies for the multiple uses of caps lock key. Yes, I was shouting in my head as I wrote this, so outraged I was at all the senselessness.

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