Event update: #CosplayMania


I think it was towards the end of last year when I found out the first Middle East Film and Comic Con (MEFCC) would be taking place in April 2011. At that time, my heart plummeted because then I believed I would still be living in the UK and would miss a juicy slice of my adopted home’s history. The event also gave me hope, for it has been long since I, along with many others, would lament about the lack of events for people who were into comics, geek and sci-fi culture.

Then I moved back to Dubai and one of the things I got really excited about was that I’d be in UAE when @MEFCC would take place. Even when the event was moved towards the end of the year (I’ve heard it’s September that we’ve got to look forward to), the excitement wasn’t dampened.

For the MEFCC fans, there was the first Cosplay Mania organized by the very nerdy Fahed (of NerdyFace fame) and had a whole host of supporters (including my favs CampusRadioME and EMR8.com).

Cosplay Mania went underway on April 22 2011 at the Living Room Café, Dubai Festival City from 1pm onwards. I sadly didn’t have a costume, although I reckon I’ll be trying to get one for the MEFCC event.

So, the Cosplay Mania event…let’s see what happened! Some tweets to see what you can look forward to in the following event update:

I got there with @benfurfie at around 3pm and I quickly found Darth Vader, whose outfit was heroically worn by Muhammed Ali (@MaliZomg) for a good 4 hours. As you can see, I was quite excited to take a picture with Darth Mali with my lit-up mini-lightsaber!

He was MC’ing the event and was responsible for carting people off to the Art corner or to the Mortal Kombat gaming area or bringing everyone together for the main Cosplay parade and also asking trivia questions to the crowd.

I wandered about for a while, taking pictures. All the people who were going to participate gathered together for a quick photoshoot of sorts, and Darth Vader and Boba Fett were doing a quick session together as well!

I quickly got in for a photo with the two evil forces:


The Art Corner featured artwork people had submitted for a competition, and the last photo shows the winners!

The gaming area was Mortal Kombat-dedicated (when I saw that area, I promptly started humming in my mind, “Sonya. Jax. Kitana. Sub Zero. Scorpion. Cyrax. Smoke. Sheba. Motaro. HAHAHAHAHA. Choose your destiny. Flawless victory. FIGHT!”):

Did I mention Mali was a wonderful MC (in these pics, check out the pic of a Cosplayer in the blue wig…AWESOME!)?

He did get tired though. The leather Vaderness didn’t lend itself to sitting down very easily. Or going to the loo.


Everyone wanted a piece of him though.

Someone else whom people couldn’t resist was the cutest Harry Potter EVER:

Oh and Ben won a t-shirt! He answered a trivia question correctly. I don’t remember the question but the answer was ‘sundering’. I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean!

Some random shots from the day:

The Cosplay parade/costume competition was amazing! The amount of care and precision that had gone into many of the costumes was really impressive. This photo gallery works from the start of the competition till the end…you’ll notice halfway through Mali has undergone a costume change. You might also spot someone who looks like Lady Gaga but isn’t. You will also notice the back of Fahed’s neck. I wasn’t stalking him, honest.

We even had paparazzi there!!! (Love the t-shirt @Weeshas_World!)


A brilliant, brilliant, brilliant bit of the event was a Q&A session with the organizers of MEFCC, Arafaat Ali Khan and Ben Caddy, who answered people’s questions about the event, who might be coming and my ticket question. I’m going to stick Ben’s live-tweeting in here as well:

All in all, a very happening event.

Who says sci-fi/geek/gaming/anime culture doesn’t exist in the UAE? 


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