Behind the Scenes with Daniel Radcliffe – Video – Vogue

I still remember the first time I read a Harry Potter book. I was curious about the stacks of books that screamed HARRY POTTER, which I saw in every single bookshop I frequented. Finally I told my parents that I wanted to buy the first book and see if I liked it. At that time, the third book, Prisoner of Azkaban was near release. I liked it and kept buying each one. I even managed to cry while reading the last two books in the series. I had no idea then it would become such a phenomenon.

The movies started coming out and we were introduced to the trio of actors whom many of us grew up with, from the first film to the eighth.

Among them, I’ve always maintained that Rupert Grint was the most talented and natural actor. But Daniel Radcliffe has certainly made his way through the years and it’s pretty cool to see a behind-the-scene look at one of his photoshoots methinks.

Here’s to my excitement building up for the eighth and final Harry Potter film.

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