Torment – book review

Note: I’m going to be blatantly lazy and rip my last foreword off. “There are spoilers; but with this book, to know more before getting into it is a blessing.”

I left you with the review of the last book by Lauren Kate, Fallen. I also left you pondering whether I’d read the next instalment. I did. I feel like a sadist, torturing myself. I think it’s like a test of my patience and strength to make it to the end. The thing is, this book had quite a few elements from Eclipse, the third book in the Twilight series, but in a more whiny way (brooding man, whiny girl, second guy whom whiny girl is attracted to as well, brooding man knows and accepts this because theirs is an eternal love anyway so why quibble over kissing other people?). This book is aptly named Torment. Aptly because of the torment I went through to finish the book and the 2-3 hours of my life that I spent on it will not come back.

In this instalment, Luce is whisked off to Shoreline, another school, which cannot be more different from her last, Sword and Cross. It gives her freedom, isn’t as black as the earlier one and this time, the students are special. She’s not told about why she’s going there, what she needs to look out for and why she needs to be protected. She’s also not told and has to find out for herself that she’s surrounded by Nephilims (other angels). She makes friends (again) and manages (again) to get mixed up in some shady business, even when everyone and their guardian angels are screaming at her to STAY PUT and be safe. Nuh-uh…Luce is above warnings and other people trying to keep her safe. All she does is whine, and complain and be angsty.

I still don’t know what Daniel looks like in my head…it’s still a blank sheet of paper and this annoys me no end. He’s still brooding, and she’s still whiny. Then we have another male character thrown in – Miles. Who falls for Luce almost immediately. Is it her utter helplessness and blank personality that draws a crowd? We’ll never know. Luce, who apparently has an eternal love bond with Daniel, decides experimenting with other boys is fun. It’s something like: I love Daniel. But Miles is so nice. He’s being so nice to me. He pays attention to me. Daniel is not here. It’s not like he’s out there trying to protect me. I hate not getting attention. Miles is giving me attention. I’ll just kiss him.” Eternal love? Of course. I shudder to think that girls might swoon over their doomed love and hope to have a guy like Daniel in their lives. Uhhh. No. He hides things from her, stalks her in my opinion, kills her in every lifetime by kissing her and has a problem with her when she dyes her hair. She’s not much good either. Clearly she has no idea of what she wants, doesn’t listen to well-meaning advice and is one of those attention-seekers who subversively claim to hate the attention. Or wait…maybe they do deserve each other.

Anyway, the book follows Luce’s adventures at Shoreline and outside with her new friends, with a mini-battle at the end of the book. As with the first book in the series, many questions are raised: Why exactly do Luce and Daniel like each other…all they do when they meet is kiss (it’s not as if they have anything in common)? How stupid is Luce to believe that her soulmate-who-can-fly will send her a note asking her to meet him far away from her sanctuary, when only a few hours ago he told her explicitly never to leave Shoreline? Why does Luce then repeatedly endanger herself when told…wait for it…not to endanger herself, by going on yachting trips, meddling with the shadows (now called Announcers), jumping through said Announcers to random locations across USA? Is Luce not human, considering Daniel looks afraid when she’s threatened with those starshot arrows? Why do I have a weird and sneaky feeling that Luce is actually Lucifer? Was there anyone who read the book who didn’t recognize Shelby’s ex-boyfriend as an Outcast from the first description we read of him?

The cover is lovely as usual. Looks very deviantArt if you know what I mean. That’s the best bit about the book. The cover.

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