Going to a “normal” school

Guest post by Adita Divecha, Karan’s mother

Karan loves going to his school. He attends Manzil centre for challenged individuals which is located in Sharjah. He has been going there since 2006 and is very well settled. The drive to the school from our house takes at least 45 minutes to an hour depending on the traffic. But Karan is doing well there so it is worth it and I dont mind the commute. He seems to recognize the way there because when just recently, we went back to school after it reopened in September after the holidays, he got very excited, started rocking and laughing in the car. I have to put a CD of his favourite songs so that he is calm and enjoys the ride.

This year his school has started a partial inclusion programme with The Millennium School in Sharjah where all the students from Manzil attend a full school day there. This happens every Wednesday. All Manzil students participate in the assembly, mass P.E., sport, music and art & craft sessions. More activities are being planned to ensure maximum benefits. Some of them are swimming, computers, basketball, tennis, football, athletics, badminton, clay modelling, painting and other art & craft activities. Students will assessed by staff of both schools to see how each one benefits. Some of the Manzil students attend the classrooms too.

Karan seems to like going to the Millennium school too. He gets very excited when I take the road to this school and park in front of it. He loves playing basketball it seems…no small wonder as his favourite toy is a ball. Karan does not attend the classroom because he is non verbal and does not read or write but he takes part in the other activities.

This is a great initiative by both Manzil and The Millennium School and I am sure it will benefit the students immensely. I am very pleased because my Karan seems very happy too.


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