In Transit – the making of the cover and editor’s letter

In Transit – my dissertation project. A travel-based magazine which focuses on the lifestyle and culture of places abroad as well as hard-core travel.

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I won’t lie: it was a horror designing the cover for In Transit. Anna and I had picked out a whole smorgasbord of images, but when we showed drafts to our tutor, they were shot down. For good reason mind you…sometimes the subject wasn’t conveyed through the image, sometimes we just missed our target audience, sometimes it just didn’t click. We hadn’t even thought of using this image – the buffalo and a somersaulting Indian man – as the cover. But we were desperate and sent this one across for feedback…and our tutor Peter Genower, loved it. And so the cover page of In Transit was born.

It wasn’t too hard to get the font for the magazine though. Anna and I picked a few and were trying to compare which one fit best with our magazine. And again, we had input. Our personal tutor, Jonathan Foster, liked this font the best, even though we picked another one. He even asked Rich, the Journalism department’s IT go-to-guy, who picked this one out. It grew on us. Barbatrick was here to stay.


I enjoyed working on this page. Anna’s idea to use Polaroid-style photographs was brilliant, and we’ve kept that theme through the magazine as well. I thought it might look good with our names and details on a boarding card, although it was hard to find a decent image I could play around with in Photoshop. Overall, I do like the look of this page. But then again, I am biased 🙂


Next post: features I wrote for the magazine!


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