Soapbox – Magazine produced by MA Magazine Journalism students

As part of election week, the University of Sheffield hosts a production week where classes are not held and budding journalists do something for election week in their specialization. The Print students produced two 12-page newspapers, the Broadcast students did TV and radio packages on election night, and the Web students were handling the JUS News website.

The Magazine students created a 60-page political magazine called Soapbox. I’m really proud of the effort and work that’s gone into this magazine…Added to the praise we received from our tutors, publishing this magazine feels like an achievement and adds to everyone’s portfolio of work.

Hope you like it! (Find us on Twitter: @SoapboxMagazine)

Read Soapbox!!!

Cover of Soapbox

Interviews with Anna Arrow-Smith, Bridget Phillipson, Rod Rodgers, chasing the BNP, hobnobbing with the Greens, a hilarious TV debate round-up, dabbling with the Monster Raving Loony Party, a poem by Ian McMillan and so much more!


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