How to Write about India

In the JNL6027 class, we were shown this interesting piece titled How to Write about Africa which highlighted the clichés writers and journalists use when expanding on the ‘dark continent’ (see, I did it too!).

It struck me that even India (the country I’ll be focusing on in my blog for this module) has its fair share of stereotypical phrases and ingredients needed to concoct a clichéd story and/or article.

The piece How to write an Indian story at the Sepia Mutiny blog lists a few points like sacred cows, holy trees, British colonialism and more without which any story about India would be incomplete! I mean, what’s an article on India without bovine animals ambling about roads filled with rickshaw-wallahs (men pulling rickshaws)?

Another tongue-in-cheek and spot-on blog post, How to write about India? on the blog interim thoughts gives a more detailed look at the tried-and-tested one-dimensional formula writers can use to describe India.

Next task: plan my next trip to the land of the Taj Mahal replete with slums, child brides and cows. Or something.


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