My Magazine: For Parents with Special Needs Children

Not only is the MA Magazine Journalism course at the University of Sheffield PTC-accredited, it also offers a lot of hands-on experience to its students. While the first semester went by in building ground rules in UK law, ethics, news writing and reporting, and basics of feature writing, this semester we’ve been thrown headfirst into the world of magazines.

Flatplans. Business viability. InDesign. Cover selection. Pricing. Advertising. Reader profiles. Mood boards. And so much more.

As part of this semester, each of us has to create a dummy of a magazine, which, I might add, has to capture a gap in the market and be economically viable. A topic close to my heart, I chose to create a magazine for parents with special needs children.

This is only the beginning of the process, where I collect data and analyze it so as to make the magazine something parents of special needs children will really want to read. I will then form a defined flatplan. Then I move on to creating style guides, designing my spreads and actually getting content for the magazine, before putting it all together in a cohesive whole.

I would really appreciate it if any readers who have children with special needs fill out this short survey. Alternatively, if you know anyone who is qualified to fill it out, then please forward it to them! Thanks very much in advance.

Click here to take survey

“Every child is gifted.  They just unwrap their packages at different times.”  – Anonymous


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