Patch Story #3: Chesterfield coffee shop to raise money for M3 ward

Made to be given in for a December 18 2009 deadline, this article refers to an event that has already taken place. I managed to go for the opening myself, and it was a lot of fun. I do recommend Froth as a cool coffee shop to hang out at if you’re ever in Hasland, Chesterfield.

Inspired by a 10-year-old girl’s fight against leukemia, a coffee-shop owner in Chesterfield is donating all profits from her fund-raising event to the M3 ward at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Joanna Nye, 35, owner of the newly opened coffee-shop ‘Froth’ in Hasland, heard about Emily Bell, who was diagnosed with leukemia exactly one month after participating in ‘Race for Life’ in Chesterfield.

“The reason for raising money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital M3 Ward is Emily Bell,” Ms. Nye said.

“I have been following her story over the past few months and have been astounded by how brave she is. Having a daughter the same age, it is unimaginable what they are all going through.”

Emily has described the time she was diagnosed. “They came down (after my tests) and I asked my mom and dad if I was going to die but they didn’t say anything.

“When the nurse came to my room, she told me that I was going to lose my hair but still no one said ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when I asked if I was going to die.”

Emily has been through endless tests and hospital visits over the last three months. Right now, Andrea Bennett, 39, Emily’s mother, is extremely happy that her daughter will be home for Christmas.

Emily’s siblings have had to deal with the effects of the illness as well. Mrs. Bennett told her son, Codey, 4, that Emily had ‘naughty blood’ but she would get better soon.

Emily’s grandmother, Christine Bulmer, 70, from Brimington, Chesterfield, said that Emily has never complained about all the procedures she has been put through.

Mrs. Bennett agreed – and said it was true of all the children on the M3 ward.

She said: “I have never ever seen them crying or moaning. They always have a smile on their face.”

She also said that while Ms. Nye has never met their family, she is often astounded by the kindness of complete strangers. Mrs. Bennett and her family will be attending the opening event at Froth.

Also making an appearance at the event will be Peak FM’s morning show host, Becky Measures. A donation will be made to Becky’s charity, the National Hereditary Breast Cancer helpline.

Froth’s future was cast in doubt until its opening in November because of objections from local residents.

They collected 17 signatures on a petition saying that the opening of the coffee shop would cause parking difficulties and anti-social behaviour.

Ms. Nye responded by giving out flyers and collected 43 signatures on her own petition asking for Froth to be opened.

Objectors never attended the council meeting due to consider Ms. Nye’s application.

Froth is situated at 319 Hasland Road, Hasland, Chesterfield S41 0AA, and will be open from 9.30am-9.30pm with the official opening by Becky Measures taking place at 1.15pm on Thursday, December 17 2009.

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