“You want to update…Twitter?”

“I bring you to a paradise planet two billion light-years from earth and you want to update… twitter?” 2 months ago · Notes#matt smith #eleven #eleventh doctor #who gifs #doctor who #the girl who waited #series 6 via timeywimeycaps.tumblr.com A non-timey wimey quote that made me chuckle... To be fair to Amy Pond, I'd want … Continue reading “You want to update…Twitter?”

When we interrupted Karan watching Salman Khan

So Karan likes watching Salman Khan on television, and likes quite a few of his songs. It does depend on his mood though - if he's in a good one, he'll watch whatever's happening on TV and smile. If he's in a blah mood, he'll sit quietly but listen. The Filmfare awards was being broadcasted, … Continue reading When we interrupted Karan watching Salman Khan