Apologies in many forms

It's been a while. Hello there. A lot is my fault - I have been so caught up in work, I have not been able to pay full attention to this blog, or any of my blogs. But anyway, apologies are in order. A lot has been happening with Karan. He's got his summer vacations … Continue reading Apologies in many forms

Karan’s first Tuesday Workshop @thejamjar

Guest post by Adita Divecha, Karan's mother ote: Sorry I didn't take any pictures; Devina already told me I should have! Devina had arranged for Karan to join the Tuesday Workshops organized by START at the Jam Jar in Al Quoz. They have 1/1.5 hour sessions every Tuesday where children with special needs get to … Continue reading Karan’s first Tuesday Workshop @thejamjar