July 2011

T3.com – THQ shuts down; three new firms emerge
T3.com – O2 UK launches location-based Priority Moments
T3.com – Google accounts for 92% of all UK internet searches
T3.com – Search engines affecting memory, says research
T3.com – Vodafone mobiles vulnerable to hackers?
T3.com – Hotmail to block weak passwords and spot spam
T3.com – Private profiles not allowed on Google+
T3.com – BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 may land in August?
T3.com – Broadband map of UK released by Ofcom
T3.com – 3 UK now with a Nokia Ovi channel
T3.com – 3D chocolate printer made in the UK

June 2011

T3.com – Apple granted touchscreen patent after three years
T3.com – Twice as many UK users using iOS apps than Android
T3.com – Netherlands to allow access to Skype at no cost
T3.com – SEGA racing studio makes a comeback
T3.com – Rumours about Sony Ericsson Xperia Duo crop up
T3.com – Google Chrome 13: print preview and instant pages
T3.com – 20% of UK population received phishing calls, says Microsoft
T3.com – SEGA hacked; LulzSec offers to help track hackers
T3.com – O2 claims 4G auction will cost £1bn and is illegal
T3.com – Former T-Mobile employees to pay £73,000 for data theft
T3.com – Three arrested in Spain; believed to be Anonymous
T3.com – Location-linked mobile apps soon, says Adobe
T3.com – Angry Birds cookbook to land in bookstores near you

May 2011


T3.com – Arqiva to shut down SeeSaw in a month
T3.com – UK websites have 12 months to adopt EU cookie law
T3.com – Apple to give students iPad as part of Back-to-School deals?
T3.com – DiRT 3 receives VIP online pass
T3.com – LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 incoming
T3.com – Orange and Barclaycard bring NFC tech to UK streets
T3.com – Limewire settled for £64.8 million with RIAA
T3.com – A 400% increase in Android malware since 2010
T3.com – UK bosses ban Facebook at work
T3.com – PlayStation Network back online after hacker attack
T3.com – HTC Flyer and LG Optimus Pad land in the UK
T3.com – 90% of UK with superfast broadband by 2015?
T3.com – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 details leaked

April 2011

T3.com – Need for Speed: The Run landing in November 2011
T3.com – Hackers selling PSN credit card details?
T3.com – HTC NFC-enabled smartphones out in Q3 2011?
T3.com – F.E.A.R. 3 release date moved to June 24
T3.com – Google Doodle celebrates the Royal Wedding
T3.com – Yahoo!’s Delicious bought by YouTube founders
T3.com – Teenager admits to crime on Facebook
T3.com – Mango renamed Windows Phone OS 7.5
T3.com – White iPhone 4 landing this week?
T3.com – PlayStation network down due to hack, says Sony
T3.com – Shift 2 Unleashes launches first Legends DLC pack
T3.com – Games developer Cohort Studio to shut down
T3.com – Super Meat Boy Ultra edition landing on UK shelves
T3.com – LG Optimus 3D only in June?
T3.com – Amazon outage brings down Quora, Reddit and more
T3.com – Super Mario landing on Nintendo 3DS
T3.com – One in five smartphones NFC-enabled by 2014, says report
T3.com – Nintendo Wii 2 with HD and touchscreen controller at E3?
T3.com – Battlefield 3 needs 1 million “likes” to unlock new trailer
T3.com – Google Panda update for search rolled out globally
T3.com – Apple hires Activision and Nintendo UK PR execs
T3.com – Milton Keynes has slowest 3G mobile broadband speed in the UK
T3.com – Computer controlled by thoughts developed

March 2011

T3.com – Android will lead the smartphone market in 5 years, says Ovum
T3.com – Machinarium on PSN and 3 new games from developer
T3.com – MySpace loses 10 million users in one month
T3.com – London Underground to give wi-fi to 120 stations
T3.com – Sony Ericsson Xperia Play release delayed on O2 UK
T3.com – Hundreds queue to buy the Nintendo 3DS at midnight
T3.com – Backstab game exclusive to Sony Ericsson Xperia Play
T3.com – Google to launch Android In-app billing next week
T3.com – Google launches Think Quarterly magazine
T3.com – F.E.A.R. 3 landing in the UK in May
T3.com – Yahoo! upgrades to instant search with Search Direct
T3.com – Mozilla Firefox 4 passes 13 million downloads in 2 days
T3.com – Official Nintendo 3DS website launched
T3.com – EU to force social networks to follow new privacy policy
T3.com – Nintendo 3DS might be good for children’s eyesight
T3.com – Dragon Age II rated on Metacritic by developer
T3.com – .XXX adult domain names approved by ICANN
T3.com – Motorola Atrix landing on T-Mobile UK
T3.com – HTC Incredible coming in red

February 2011

T3.com – Alien Breed trilogy coming for Xbox 360
T3.com – Police to start Facebooking to catch cyberbullies
T3.com – Pink Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc incoming
T3.com – Google not launching YouTube streaming service in UK
T3.com – Google tweaks search engine to curtail content farms
T3.com – HTC sued over their Facebook phone, ChaCha
T3.com – Shift 2 Unleashed gets Pagani Huayra; delayed to April 1
T3.com – Twitter suspends UberTwitter and twidroyd
T3.com – Mozilla updates F1 messaging for sharing on social networks
T3.com – White Sony Ericsson Xperia Play exclusive to O2 UK
T3.com – Broadband is the most loved innovation of the decade
T3.com – Angry Birds set to land on Windows Phone 7
T3.com – LG Optimus 3D release date and price in sight
T3.com – Google Social Search with Twitter integration and more
T3.com – Motorola Xoom to launch at UK retail stores
T3.com – Google launches One Pass to rival Apple’s sub service
T3.com – Gaming BAFTA nominees have been announced
T3.com – More Facebook friends could lead to more stress
T3.com – Mozilla: “Is IE9 a modern browser? No.”
T3.com – Middle-aged people wait for cupid to strike online
T3.com – Rural broadband rollout could take more time
T3.com – BBC iPlayer’s future is mobile
T3.com – Faster broadband could add value to UK house prices
T3.com – Tweetdeck on verge of takeover by UberMedia

January 2011

T3.com – Microsoft considering Office for the Mac App Store
T3.com – Chime Super Deluxe landing on PlayStation network
T3.com – L.A. Noire website goes live
T3.com – Dell Venue Pro incoming in 4 days
T3.com – Hyperhighway broadband project gets a £7.2m award
T3.com – Sony Ericsson Xperia Play gets a thorough preview
T3.com – Nintendo 3DS will have 10+ titles from day one
T3.com – Social networking sites make us ‘less human’
T3.com – HTC 7 Pro free on £30.65 contract with Vodafone
T3.com – Is the LG G-Slate landing in the UK?
T3.com – British woman wins $10000 iTunes card with Paper Glider
T3.com – LG Optimus 2x UK price revealed
T3.com – Apple App Store crosses the 10 billion mark
T3.com – Mortal Kombat lands in UK in April 2011
T3.com – Mozilla blocks Skype toolbar for Firefox
T3.com – Hackers attack Lush website; credit cards at risk
T3.com – Tayside police to use Twitter in social media trial
T3.com – Call of Duty: Black Ops takes top spot on UK gaming chart
T3.com – PlayStation phone spotted in China?
T3.com – Computers for £98 to bridge the digital divide
T3.com – Asus to launch app store for its Android tablets?
T3.com – New silver Xbox 360 contoller incoming
T3.com – Lack of Facebook could lead to withdrawal symptoms
T3.com – Updated Android Marketplace has arrived
T3.com – Are the iPhone alarms working on January 3?
T3.com – Amazon Kindle e-book lending lands

December 2010

T3.com – Could Chinese become the main language of the internet?
T3.com – Satnavs aware of driver’s moods in the works
T3.com – Facebook is the most searched term of 2010
T3.com – Skype outage caused by bug in older Windows version
T3.com – 10 million British users overpay for mobile phones
T3.com – Channel Tunnel and Tube mobile coverage incoming
T3.com – Mozilla accidentally publishes 44000 user account details
T3.com – Almost 2m British children have no home internet access
T3.com – Apple granted patent for holographic display
T3.com – Kindle 3 is Amazon’s best-selling product ever
T3.com – VLC Media player to land on Android phones in 2011
T3.com – HTC 7 Pro slated for a January 2011 release?
T3.com – Call of Duty: Black Ops for £29.99 at Morrisons
T3.com – Kindle top selling item on Amazon’s Christmas list
T3.com – Facebook reveals how to be more popular
T3.com – Google ousts Facebook on mobile web, says Opera
T3.com – Giant iPhone launches Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
T3.com – Google Nexus S goes to outer space and works
T3.com – Angry Birds HD 1.5 released for Apple iPad
T3.com – HTC Wildfire Android 2.2 lands for Vodafone customers
T3.com – Google erases all of the UK wi-fi data
T3.com – Google Nexus S release delayed to 22 December
T3.com – Nintendo 3DS cartridges may have up to 8GB?
T3.com – EA app storegame sale; apps going for 59p
T3.com – Samsung Galaxy Tab price drops to £399.99
T3.com – Microsoft says ‘nobody bought’ Xbox 360 faceplates
T3.com – Google maps human bodies with Body Browser
T3.com – Facebook’s oldest user is a 103-year-old using an iPad
T3.com – Real Racing 2 offers 16-player support for iPhone, iPod Touch
T3.com – Chatroulette, Formspring and iPad rising searches of 2010
T3.com – Android 2.3 Gingerbread to land on Samsung Galaxy S
T3.com – Kobo makes ereading social with Reading Life for iPad
T3.com – Angry Birds Bad Piggy Bank store launched for Android
T3.com – Amazon UK video games trade in store launched
T3.com – Mass Effect 3 to land Christmas 2011
T3.com – Microsoft to release updates on Patch Tuesday

November 2010

T3.com – Wanted: Bungie Beta Testers
T3.com – Augmented reality game Star Wars: Falcon Gunner out now
T3.com – Monty Python’s Flying Circus social games incoming
T3.com – Three sets Human Hotspots on the loose in UK
T3.com – Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 to get multi-touch
T3.com – Sony PS3 to get Channel Five’s on-demand service
T3.com – Google Street View data to be deleted within 9 months
T3.com – Apple iPad 2 carbon fiber design revealed
T3.com – Blood donation app wins AppJam award
T3.com – Sly Cooper Trilogy landing on PS3 in UK in December
T3.com – Facebook for BlackBerry, v1.9 released with Places
T3.com – Apple-I goes on auction for 150,000
T3.com – Angry Birds on Xbox Live, PSN and WiiWare
T3.com – Tetris therapy to reduce flashbacks and stress
T3.com – More than 230,000 following the Queen on Facebook
T3.com – Skype hands us free wi-fi in UK for a week
T3.com – Toshiba FOLIO 100 lands in the UK
T3.com – White BlackBerry Bold 9780 incoming
T3.com – Samsung aims for 1m sales of the Galaxy Tab in 2010
T3.com – Kinect launches planned by UK stores
T3.com – Google breached UK data laws, says ICO
T3.com – Virgin Media announces 1TB 3D/HD TiVo box
T3.com – Fable III bugs prompt Lionhead to set up a reporting page
T3.com – Samsung Galaxy Tab app to promote London Olympics
T3.com – Sophos introduces free Apple Mac antivirus softwares
T3.com – Deltenna WiBE lands to give broadband to rural areas
T3.com – Paypal’s outage still affecting UK users? (updated)
T3.com – ICO speaks out about its position on Google Street View
T3.com – Future mobile networks could be wireless humans
T3.com – BT Broadband restored to affected households
T3.com – Facebook lessons given to detectives

October 2010

T3.com – Pizza Express installs iPod docks and domes in outlets
T3.com – Nokia N8 used to shoot a short film
T3.com – Angry Birds goes up against Cut the Rope: who’s winning?
T3.com – One in 7 Britons replacing watches with new technology
T3.com – Toyota Prius 10th anniversary limited edition is out
T3.com – Buy the Apple iPod Touch 8GB (4th gen) for £169.95
T3.com – YouTube record broken by Lady Gaga
T3.com – Virgin Media and NBC Universal conclude VoD deal
T3.com – Fallout: New Vegas hits top spot on UK game chart
T3.com – Virgin Media might launch 100Mbps broadband this week
T3.com – Rural areas to still get broadband despite cuts
T3.com – Google admits collecting emails and passwords
T3.com – Two James Bond games incoming on 5 November
T3.com – One in 10 web sites in UK spams users
T3.com – Angry Birds plush toys on their way
T3.com – Nokia N8 and HTC Desire HD offered by Vodafone
T3.com – Sky launches Anytime+ VoD service this week
T3.com – Wii Remote Plus to land in Europe first
T3.com – Google Instant for mobile phones by the end of fall
T3.com – Babbage’s steam PC to be finally built?
T3.com – Cut the Rope to emulate Angry Birds’ success?
T3.com – 50% of wi-fi networks can be hacked in under 5 seconds
T3.com – Amazon to fight against e-book price rise
T3.com – Nokia N8 lands in the UK

September 2010

T3.com – Microsoft: no Blu-Ray on Xbox consoles?
T3.com – EA: Sony PS3 can trump Microsoft Xbox 360 in the UK
T3.com – Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android 2.1 update delayed
T3.com – Halo:Reach owners to get downloadable content
T3.com – Digg’s UK traffic figures down 34% after redesign
T3.com – Nokia N8 lands third week of October in UK
T3.com – Apple files 873-page legal claim over the word “pod”
T3.com – No tethering for Windows Phone 7, says Microsoft
T3.com – iSwifter allows iPads to access Flash games
T3.com – Facebook Places will be adopted slowly, say experts
T3.com – HTC Desire Z now available on T-Mobile and O2
T3.com – T-Mobile UK HTC Desire owners get Android 2.2
T3.com – APB shut down by Realtime Worlds
T3.com – BT: free fibre optic upgrade to broadband customers
T3.com – Stephen Fry’s guide to Sky’s 3D TV
T3.com – HTC Desire gets software updates
T3.com – Project Canvas gains industry support amidst criticism
T3.com – BT launching Content Connect broadband TV platform
T3.com – Windows Phone 7 parade buries iPhone and Blackberry
T3.com – Ofcom upgrades 3G power limit to 65dBm
T3.com – QualComm: 1.2Ghz coming out early 2011 not 1.5Ghz
T3.com – 45% think switching broadband is too much hassle
T3.com – Zune pass UK pricing revealed
T3.com – O2: UK broadband users wasting over £2 million a day
T3.com – Apple iOS 4.1 coming out on September 8?
T3.com – Facebook’s searched results now show “liked” stories
T3.com – Royal Mail’s stamps can be read by iPhones, Androids
T3.com – Tipp-Ex uses TouTube for innovative ad campaign

August 2010

T3.com – The internet hits back at Mary Bale, the cat bin lady
T3.com – Apple’s iPhone app store tops 250,000 apps
T3.com – Android ViewPad tablet to be announced by ViewSonic
T3.com – Hotmail push email for iPhone 4, Palm and Windows Phone 7
T3.com – Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – top debut on UK gaming chart
T3.com – Internet helps more Britons to walk
T3.com – 9.2 million UK adults have never been online
T3.com – Google Street View captures “dead” girl
T3.com – Palm Pre flaw leads to a bugging device
T3.com – Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 3 released with multi-touch
T3.com – Schoolboy, 16, inspired by Steve Jobs, makes £1million
T3.com – UK iPad owners: a quarter keep the tablet at home
T3.com – Facebook panic button leads to rise in abuse reports
T3.com – Apple TV name change could lead to legal battle?
T3.com – Blackberry service resumes in Saudi Arabia
T3.com – Free solar panels to be installed by UK firm
T3.com – Bio-Bug car runs on human waste gas
T3.com – Amazon Kindle gets free word games
T3.com – Google Street View cars back on UK streets
T3.com – Motorists warned about “iPod zombies”
T3.com – Biggest Apple store opens in London today
T3.com – Blackberry services ban in two Gulf countries
T3.com – Facebook profiles downloaded by major companies
T3.com – UK government to use IE6 despite security concerns
T3.com – Sony PlayStation 3 outsells Xbox 350 by 28%

July 2010

T3.com – Explodemon to blast into PlayStation network in Q4
T3.com – UK fails to rank in the internet speed chart
T3.com – Apple iPad app to train UK soldiers
T3.com – Google cleared of wi-fi snooping
T3.com – Facebook closes up the virtual gift shop
T3.com – Google discreetly invests in Zynga for Google Games
T3.com – Project Canvas loses Channel Five
T3.com – YouTube 4K launches to support 4096p videos
T3.com – Mini Apple touchscreen: an iWatch?
T3.com – News@8pm: iPhone 4 USB fires and 3G FaceTime
T3.com – Google resumes Street View photography
T3.com – Weird news: Bendable bikes and a carbon fibre toilet
T3.com – iPhone developer earns $1400 via iAds in a day
T3.com – iRiver Wi-fi Story e-reader announced
T3.com – News@8pm: Blackberry 9800 spotted and Nokia N8
T3.com – Mamiya RZ33 released – 33 megapixel camera
T3.com – YouTube Leanback launched
T3.com – News@8pm: iPhone 4 signal fail and HTC Gold lands
T3.com – Acer Aspire One D255 with dual core announced
T3.com – Nintendo 3DS to get the Mii?
T3.com – Borders launches online e-book store
T3.com – News@8pm: Samsing Galaxy S2 and the PS3 Slim
T3.com – Pure Oasis flow: weatherproof radio launched
T3.com – Windows Phone 7 series launch soon
T3.com – Yahoo! Mail and Messenger: Android apps released
T3.com – First iPhone 4 lawsuit filed against Apple and AT&T
T3.com – Call to lower Microsoft Kinect price
T3.com – 100,000 Sony Vaios in Europe face overheating hazards

June 2010

T3.com – Open University first to hit 20m downloads on iTunes
T3.com – Palm slashes web OS app dev fee
T3.com – Cisco Cius tablet – potential iPad rival?
T3.com – Google to take on Facebook with Google Me
T3.com – Kindle app for Android breaks cover
T3.com – iPhone 4 reception problems may lead to legal battle
T3.com – Android 2.1 for HTC Hero finally lands in the UK
T3.com – Samsung Epic 4G Android launched
T3.com – Dell Streak unlocked for UK networks
T3.com – BBC iPlayer coming to Android 2.2 Froyo phones
T3.com – Lego Harry Potter: Year 1-4 takes top gaming spot


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