Movie Review: Black Panther

It's been a while since I saw Black Panther, but I've been: (a) too busy to pen all my thoughts down (b) letting these thoughts percolate into something more cohesive than: 'OMG THAT WAS AMAZING'. If you haven't seen the movie yet, have a look at the trailer before moving on... I'll keep this as … Continue reading Movie Review: Black Panther

Book Reviews: Discworld 36-41

And we're back! This is the final installment of my Discworld reviews. I set out on this mission in January 2016. Between life, work, and reading other books, it's taken me two years to go through the entire Discworld series. It's been a fantastic journey, filled with laughter, lessons learned and some bittersweet moments too. … Continue reading Book Reviews: Discworld 36-41

Travelling to Tbilisi, Georgia? My tips! Georgia (in Europe) has been a bit of a hot-spot for a while now; everyone I know has been, or is planning a trip. The country offers visa-free travel for many countries, visa-on-arrival for many others, and has a simple e-visa process; it is definitely climbing up the list of destinations to visit. Plus: … Continue reading Travelling to Tbilisi, Georgia? My tips!

Literaturhaus at Nadi – an ode to literature at Dubai’s Alserkal Avenue

Earlier this month, I attended the launch of Literaturhaus at Nadi, which is a literary event that will continue to be hosted at Nadi Al Quoz every Saturday until September 30. The first Saturday was helmed by Afra Atiq, an Emirati spoken word poet. She was mesmerising, to say the least. This was my first … Continue reading Literaturhaus at Nadi – an ode to literature at Dubai’s Alserkal Avenue

Want to try Zumba in Dubai? Here’s where I go!

Note: I will update this list as I keep trying Zumba classes around town! A few years ago, I discovered Zumba, and oddly enough, through work. My company regularly hosts "Wellness Weeks" every few months, and during one of these weeks, a Zumba dance studio (now unfortunately defunct) was offering classes. Since then I've been … Continue reading Want to try Zumba in Dubai? Here’s where I go!

Reading Discworld Books 16-20

Welcome to the next installment of my Discworld adventure...  Earlier installments: Books 1-4, Books 5-10, Books 11-15 Soul Music: Discworld #16 The third in the Death series, Susan remembers the grandfather she forgot: Death. Upset after his daughter and son-in-law die, Death disappears (again). This time, instead of zombies, his granddaughter takes on the mantle. … Continue reading Reading Discworld Books 16-20