Book reviews: Discworld #31-35

And we're back! Earlier installments: Books 1-4, Books 5-10, Books 11-15, Books 16-20, Books 21-30 Monstrous Regiment: Discworld, #31 Can I say that this is absolutely my favourite??? I read this via a copy from my library, and I need to buy my own copy. There's a war ongoing, and Polly's brother Paul has been … Continue reading Book reviews: Discworld #31-35


Put those dancing shoes on – in Dubai

OK so I've always loved dancing. It's why I enjoy Zumba as a form of exercise so much - it combines dancing and music to create a great workout. But I've already told you about where to try Zumba in Dubai (and I'll keep updating that post as I try - and like - more … Continue reading Put those dancing shoes on – in Dubai