Cats, autism and overcoming prejudices

Karan and the cat

So that’s Karan sitting on the doorstep of our house. That’s an abandoned cat. To cut a long story short (although if you want the long story, here it is), she was most likely left behind by her owners and she’s adopted our garage as her base, while she roams around for most of the day along with many other stray cats in the area.

One day, we were doing something in the garden so I brought Karan outside, and here they are, sitting next to each other, ignoring each other. I love this photo since it just shows how aloof both are. Yesterday, Karan and the cat (female, but I’ve named her Vader) were just staring at each other… Karan standing, with Vader at his feet looking up at him. It was really cute to see!


Swan Lake ballet in Dubai

Swan Lake ballet in Dubai

When my friend Hannah-Farah asked if I wanted to accompany her to watch Swan Lake, performed by The Russian Moscow Ballet, I said yes. I had only seen the ballet once before, in Sheffield, but I had enjoyed it very much. So we booked tickets immediately and last night, we were off to the ballet (with some awesome Vietnamese food to sate our hunger before that).

The Russian Moscow Ballet tour in Dubai is sold out now (I checked this morning) but it was a fun experience for us, especially as it was Hannah’s first time at a ballet.

The dancers wowed both of us – their pirouettes were beautiful! Also amazing was their stamina… jumping around yet looking so graceful. It helps that I love listening to classical music even though I am no expert. Good music just makes me bob around like a very happy person, and that’s what I was last night.

My only disappointment last night was the setup in terms of seating. I wish that all seats had a good view of the stage, as I think ballet/theatre venues should do. Paying AED250 for the cheapest seats, if you were at one end of the area, then you couldn’t see when the dancers moved closer to the back of the stage. Fortunately, this wasn’t a lot of the time, but even so. I can imagine people sitting in those areas were disappointed.

I would definitely recommend a ballet showing to anyone interested in wonderful music and graceful dancing … and especially if The Russian Moscow Ballet comes to town.

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