My magnet obsession


It’s hard to remember where it started.

I know I had the “Underground” magnet when I went to the UK on a holiday in March 2009. But it really took of when I bought the “Dubai” piece for when I was moving to Sheffield, UK for my Masters degree. I wanted a piece of the city I grew up in and a magnet perched on my fridge there seemed ideal.

And then I went magnet-mad. 

According to Wikipedia:

There is no generally recognized term (e.g. numismatics for currency collecting) for magnet collecting. A Russian collector has proposed the term memomagnetics (Russian: мемомагнетика), derived from the words memoriale (Latin) and magnetis (Greek)[6] A collector of magnets would be called memomagnetist. These terms have been used by at least one Russian online community for magnet collectors.[7]

I slowly started collecting magnets from various cities/countries I visited. And then asked my friends to bring me back a magnet wherever they went.

I’m a bit of a magnet snob too; I prefer magnets that have a quirky design, something more than just the city or country name, So my Istanbul magnet, which I picked up on a stopvover at the Ataturk airport, it has the name of the city spelled out using the architecture of the area. That’s cool. 

Likewise, I got the Loch Ness monster with bagpipes and attached chimes in Edinburgh, as I was walking around one foggy night. Then there’s Sri Lanka, spelled out inside an elephant shape (thanks Shaahima!), and so on and so forth.

Thanks to all my Twitter folk who have contributed to my collection: @TDAllonsy, @Shaahima, @VonSkunk, @movie_mafia, @hannah_farah, @completefoodie, @shru_, @benfurfie and even my father (who, under strict instruction, got the one from Rome).

Can you spot the countries I already have? And yeah, if you travel anywhere and remember me, pick a magnet up for me. It’ll get a loving home 😀

PS – And…this doesn’t even show my OTHER magnet collection – it’s all about quotes and funny sayings. But that one, I curate myself. 🙂


Apologies in many forms

It’s been a while. Hello there.

A lot is my fault – I have been so caught up in work, I have not been able to pay full attention to this blog, or any of my blogs.

But anyway, apologies are in order.

A lot has been happening with Karan. He’s got his summer vacations now, and is fully installed at home with my mother. Perhaps I need to remind her this blog exists, because she, not I, will be able to tell you more about what’s happening with him right now.

He’s 16 as you know, and it’s now showing through facial hair growth. I think he’s going to have to learn how to shave soon. Not looking forward to that…feels daunting. Not that I’ll be doing that, since I’m not at home very much.

Last night I came home early and curled up with a book on the sofa, and he sat next to me, with his head on my shoulder. I missed him and I felt gratified to know he missed me enough to want to cuddle up next to me for a bit (in 10-15 minutes his attention wandered and he walked off haha).

While he sat there, tranquil, as I read my book, I felt a bit sad. Like I haven’t done enough. I remembered some of my Gappa’s last words to my mother: “I’m sorry I didn’t do enough for Karan.” I felt like that last night. I think I have tried, as much as I can, to do enough for him. I know I am limited by time constraints, like a 9-6 job for example, and having my own life outside of my home, but that doesn’t make me feel okay about it I think.

So I try and contribute by helping spread the word about autism and special needs-related events, I try and find things my brother can go to, like his painting classes with START, or finding places where he can get evaluated and get more therapy. Things like that.

Spreading awareness where I can.

It’s been harder lately, again because of time constraints, but I do try.

Even so, I feel like I need to apologise…not to anyone else, but to Karan.

I’m sorry Karan, because I wish I could do more. I love you fatso.