The theme park for #specialneeds children

Where EVERYONE can play: Father builds theme park for special needs children... and names it after his own precious daughter By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 6:37 PM on 25th May 2011 Comments (152) Add to My Stories Share It's the theme park with a difference. Queues are deliberately kept short, attendance is restricted … Continue reading The theme park for #specialneeds children


At #manzilbooks at @wildpeeta

First, have a look at the lovely timelapse video that Shruti (aka @shru_) created. Then we'll get on to the other stuff! Along with @TwitBookClub, I hosted a event at Wild Peeta OS at DWTC (thanks @wildpeeta!), asking people to donate their unwanted books. Manzil, a centre for challenged individuals, is a small institution doing … Continue reading At #manzilbooks at @wildpeeta