Smaller enterprises need more help

Note: I would like to say that this post might not be very well written since I’m writing in a haze of mild annoyance.

I love the charitable nature of people in the UAE. I love how people support a cause. Sometimes some causes get more publicity than others. Sometimes organizations more in need get ignored. That’s what annoys me to no end.

I read this in the newspaper about how an employment factory will soon be opened for people with special needs. That’s such a wonderful move, and I hope it’s successful. But here’s the great thing about it: it’s gotten publicity, which will hopefully help move it forward. Other organizations who are doing the same thing remain woefully in the sidelines because of lack of marketing (for example, my brother’s school), though I’m hopeful that things will change, that smaller organizations and ventures will get publicity too and be helped along their way.

Even this year’s Twestival for example: I loved the first Twestival I attended last year and I was so proud of how much Dubai had raised for its chosen charity. I was part of that, and it made me swell with happiness. This year, their chosen charity is Dubai Autism Centre. Autism is something very close to my heart, as regular readers might know, so I’m quite supportive of any help that goes towards that cause. But my problem is they chose a charity that already has its share of the spotlight, that already has its fair bit of publicity to get donations…while I’m glad that autism is the winner in this event, I would’ve been happier if they’d gone with something else that really needs publicity, that is desperate for funds and that would’ve benefitted more from the Dubai twitterati’s attention.

It’s the underdog I’m rooting for. How about you?


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