How did @Emirates247 allow this image to be published?

Have a look at this screenshot, taken this morning on the Emirates 24/7 website.



I may have tweeted a lot on this issue but believe me, I think I’m justified.

How on earth did the web editor, sub-editor, writer of the story … anyone connected to this even allow this image to go through? Did they think that publishing the words “image used for illustrative purpose only” would suffice? So it stands to reason that we can publish any offensive image (As this one is in this context) and say, well it’s *just* for illustrative purposes, so it’s absolutely fine.


Even the magazines I had to produce during my Masters degree were better photo-researched than this. Hours were spent poring over stock images to get the image absolutely right. I cannot bear to imagine whose bright idea it was to get this image for the piece on the autistic boy.

Apart from the insulting image thrown at us, clearly they have no idea of the effect it will have on people who have autism. Imagine a high-functioning child with autism seeing this mocking image “illustrating” his/her condition. What do you suppose he/she is meant to take away from this? That he/she is a freak? Someone who looks funny? Someone meant to be laughed at?

Whoever okay-ed it to publish this piece, in my opinion, should be let go. There’s no excuse for incompetence and ignorance at this level of journalism. None whatsoever.

I’d like an apology now.

No, my brother would like one.


Edit: the image has now been changed. No explanation though.


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