Me? A journalist?

Apart from the interesting thoughts the comment on my last post provoked, I was caught by the part which said that I, as a journalist, have a responsibility to report, not to comment. I definitely agree with this point. In fact, in our news-writing module at my course here, we are drilled on how to keep … Continue reading Me? A journalist?


Discrimination in the Media [Part 2]

The lectures we had last week were interesting, to say the least. There was a particular lecture that focused on how the media changed after 9/11. My thoughts after sitting through that lecture: There's absolutely no doubt that after 9/11, people (and it started with the Americans; no offence y'all) wanted someone to blame. That … Continue reading Discrimination in the Media [Part 2]

Journalists who want commissions… from their subjects!

As someone who has written for various publications, I have yet to take a commission, or what is in my mind a bribe, from anyone I've written about. I suppose it is an ethical concept that might tragically get twisted and bent once idealistic journalists get out in the real world. But this is one thing … Continue reading Journalists who want commissions… from their subjects!